We are a fun company building exciting startups and we can offer you projects with top-tier companies and entrepreneurs that want to bring their ideas to life.

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Our core values

Every team needs to gel to work together well, a fact that’s even more true for a remote team like ours. The glue that holds the Appy team together is made from mutual respect, deeply felt shared values, top notch communication skills and a hefty dollop of humour.

Just like we don’t do meaningless industry jargon, we also don’t do cheesy company principles. The values below are all things that we hold dear, things that we know build, and support, a fantastic team of colleagues and partners.


From ideas on new ways to work and think to constructive criticism from anyone in our team, we think it’s crucial to always keep our minds wide open.

We’re friendly,
approachable and totally transparent.


We’re so much more than an agency that relies on flashy graphics to win clients. We’re true tech experts.

We lead with knowledge and
believe experience is there to be shared.


We’re always looking for ways to do things better, and searching for the solution to help every client win customers.

Share ideas. Make connections.
Build successful businesses.


We’re incredibly proud of what we do, which is why we’re never afraid to take responsibility for every project we work on.

Problems are made to be solved,
and we’re here to solve them.

Our benefits

Enjoy in numerous benefits by working with us.

Work at your own pace

We don’t believe that productivity is a 9 AM to 5 PM thing. It’s about owning tasks and projects whilst working as part of a remote team. We encourage our team to make time for experiences, friends and fun… and if you want to, to build your own venture.

Live where you want

We live and work as distributed teams from different time zones (based between UK and Easter Europe), and have optimised the business to do this with great results. So you can live and work just about wherever you want, only delivering results for the team matter.

Enjoy your holidays

Enjoy time with your family and friends, travel, discover and adventure (or game if you prefer). We offer 24 paid days during the year and have a relaxed policy around this – we’re all adults and as long as projects get delivered, it’s all good.

Work with a very talented team

Our team counts numerous experts, smart young people with various talents, eager for new experiences, full of energy and enthusiasm, so we would like you to enjoy us and to contribute to our synergy. Be it UX, Conversion rate experts, talented engineers and commercial experts – we have it all in our quest to help our startup partner become successful.

Work with awesome client partners

We’ve worked with major companies, but really prefer building, from the ground up, exciting startups. Some of our ex clients have now raised millions and grown into successful ventures. We also love working on purpose driven projects: a search engine donating it’s profits to ecological causes, a mental health AI driven learning platform and children communication charity for example.

Learn more and enrich your experience

We promote a learning environment and we aren’t satisfied with our current level of knowledge. We encourage ourselves and every newcomer to learn more, adopt new knowledge, try new programming languages, and adopt innovations in existing and new technologies. We want to learn more, so tell us what you want to learn and we’ll help you.

Yearly company retreats

A key to making a remote team work well is culture – and as part of that, an annual in person catchup is a great way of getting to know each other, communicate, celebrate and share experience.
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We’ll be in touch.We are a fun company building exciting startups and we can offer you projects with top-tier companies and entrepreneurs that want to bring their ideas to life.