What’s wrong with Digital transformation agencies in London?

Digital transformation should be to future proof your business by increasing sales and reducing operational costs

Digital transformation agencies in London have had a big shock during 2020-2022. A lot of SMEs and Corporates went into COVID-19 lockdown with debts and little runway, resulting in big issues.


So why is this relevant to digital transformation agencies?

Our backgrounds are deeply in business, not digital, so when we think about technology, we focus on return on investment and creating a win for the business.

The average Digital transformation agency in London may produce shiny pitch decks with lots of graphs to satisfy your management team, but it’s our belief that transformation must be firmly grounded in 2 things:


Value Protection + Value Creation = digital transformation

In plain/non-consulting English, it means protecting your business and increasing revenue.

To me, this means that your full user journey, from a client-first hearing about you, all the way through to them becoming an ambassador for your brand, is optimised.

This is what is going to help you use digital transformation to truly help your business – it’s not about theoretical concepts but highly pragmatic questions – you may or may not need consultants to help you define these, but even if you hire digital transformation agencies in London, you best think about these questions ahead of (billed) time!

So ask yourself those questions:

  1. How much are you spending on customer acquisitions?
  2. Through what channels?
  3. Can any of the steps be improved?
  4. Have you experimented recently to see if things can be improved?
  5. Have you automated operations that can be automated to save time/ increase customer experience?
  6. Can things be simplified?
  7. There’s lots more, but the point is, digital transformation starts by focusing on basic elements and gradually increasing the complexity.


What’s the worst job we’ve seen digital transformation agencies in London do?

Management were not committed to the plan they received. The team were not communicated on the vision for these changes. The changes were clunky and made everyday life MUCH harder. No ambassadors in the business were appointed.

The result?

Like too often – wasted money, because the project was partially abandoned.

Digital transformation is something to do with a partner that goes on a journey with you, not just a temporary agency.

It’s about changing culture from “this is how we’ve always done it” to “what if we tried this?”.

We love creating entrepreneurial/ can do/ experiment led mentalities.


So Who do we work with?

We’ve worked with all sizes, from Startups to FTSE 100, with a view to either lead with a Strategy or implement specific transformation projects to achieve a specific ROI target.

We’re not going to share with you fancy pitch decks for the sake of it. We’re not a theorist agency but practitioners with an entrepreneurial mindset when it comes to create change for your business through Digital and more.

Frankly we choose not to work with large organisations that are slow at making decisions, or think they should look at digital transformation because management said so. Why? Because taking money from people not committed to improving feels wrong.


How do we work? Not like  traditional digital transformation agencies, at all

We initially understand your business holistically.

Then we map out your full user journey.

Then we look at each step and see what can be improved.

Finally, we show you the options for quick wins/ longer term wins, the timeframes, costs and implications so you can communicate clearly to your teams. We always want to assign target KPIs on digital transformation actions so we can measure, and celebrate your success together. Here’s more on the benefits of digital transformation and how we do it.


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