Despite Building Tech I Don’t Sell Cheap Developers

"Developers, come and get my cheap developers!"

Perhaps it’s my job title or industry, but I get at least five developers per day on LinkedIn, offering me “super cheap development”, “only $10 an hour”, etc.

To me, it’s like someone wanting to get married but looking for love in the back alleys of the red-light district. (Not sure where THAT comment came from…, not personal experience)

Now, I know this might sound appealing to some, so I’ve listed out lower-down key pitfalls to be aware of.

Despite building tech businesses with Entrepreneurs, I don’t sell cheap developers like people selling bodies with 1,000 developers in a sweatshop in exotic-sounding eastern locations.

It’s not only because the developers are treated cruelly but also because getting the cheapest developers won’t guarantee that you will get the desired quality results.


Competing on price is not the right game, it’s about OUTCOMES.

It’s about adding value by leveraging our understanding of tech, marrying it with your unique knowledge in your niche, and thinking about how to make your idea into a BUSINESS.

That’s why we like to help as Product/ Tech partner for non-technical cofounders, taking responsibility of that side of their business, so you can focus on the commercial side.


Six reasons why Appy Ventures don't sell cheap developers to its clients.

Despite the fact I don’t sell cheap developers, If you still want to try your luck, here are some suggestions that will help you find some more not-so-expensive developers:

  1. You need to give a very clear requirements document, wireframes and tech architecture to ensure you get what you want – if you don’t know how to do this incredibly well, you’re in the daaaaaaaanger zone;
  2. Even if you do know those things, you need to manage the developers throughout the process very closely to achieve these results;
  3. Comprehensive testing is required with regular builds delivered (every 2 weeks minimum);
  4. And frankly, a CTO that can review the code as it’s coming through, coach devs and ensure proper testing procedures.


As a small business, saving a few pounds here or there sure is tempting. However, when it’s at the price of hurting your overall business concept, as well as the people you work with, it’s not worth it.

If you’d like to work with us on your startup or need a solution to that problem you’ve been dreaming about for so long, get in touch with us here, or on Linkedin.

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