4 Examples of Going from Idea to a Proven Concept

Here at Appy Ventures, we work with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and corporations to bring their ideas for apps to life.

Being a tech partner, we enjoy working with early-stage entrepreneurs helping them to go from idea to a proven concept in 4 weeks. Thanks to our broad experience, we know what works and what doesn’t and have condensed our expertise into our App Idea Accelerator service.

Graphic explanation of the process of going from idea to a proven concept.

That is why, below, I included four such apps, projects, and entrepreneurs we’ve had the pleasure of working with and turn from idea to a proven concept.


1. ArtPassport:

While art enthusiasts love heading out to museums to see new and old works of art, time and distance are often barriers. With ArtPassport, people can visit art galleries from all around the world on their phones.

They can take 360-degree VR tours of the world’s best galleries, see new art exhibitions, find art exhibitions near them, and read detailed information on up-and-coming artists and their works.

This app was selected by TIME at #8 in their list of top 25 apps and featured by Apple with over 100,000 downloads in its first month.


2. SmartPlant:

When the founder of SmartPlant came to us with an idea and an investor, we were able to work with them as a tech partner through all the stages of testing iterations. Since then, there have been more than half-million downloads globally with an excellent conversion rate of download to subscribers. SmartPlant has also won 2 industry awards.

Available on both GooglePlay and the Apple app store, SmartPlant makes it easier to care and identify plants. Users can chat with experts to identify pests, and how they’ll answer any plant questions that may arise. When users add their plants to the app, they receive care reminders and tips on what to look for when raising their plant.

For example, if you have a succulent, this app reminds you when to water it and what diseases to keep an eye on to keep the plant healthy There’s even a monthly subscription box with a selection of seasonal plants and produce.


3. IKEA & BWP:

IKEA & BWP were looking for something that would help customers understand how IKEA mattresses could help them. The idea was for an in-store experience that demonstrated how IKEA mattresses were relaxing.

Appy Ventures, IKEA & BWP accomplished this by creating a heart sensor with custom 3D-printed cases. After 3,000 in-store experiences in all 21 of IKEA’s UK stores, they successfully raised IKEA’s profile when it came to mattress selection.


4. PiggleApp:

Liz, an entrepreneur and mother, had an idea for an app but just needed a tech partner to help her through the process of creating the app she had in mind. We created a prototype for user testing before, as well as an engaging iOS app.

PiggleApp comes with an integrated subscription service that helps parents in the South West of London find and save on activities for children. This family and activities planner. This includes restaurants, classes, shopping, you name it. Piggle is found on Google Play as well as the Apple App Store.

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