A Shopify Agency and WooCommerce Expert

What working with Shopify and WooCommerce experts isn’t

Stop press! – you read this right. 

Someone can actually be a Shopify agency and WooCommerce expert and know how to build in Shopify and WooCommerce.

But building a website is c. 10% of the success story on those platforms, let’s be honest.

What we tend to see is people deciding they need an eCommerce store, then researching “best eComm thingy”, learning about Shopify and WooCoommerce, and then searching for Shopify agency and WooCommerce experts… and then getting sold a standard website by a typical agency (no offence).

Man is showing his two biceps as a showcase of his two qualities, being a Shopify agency and WooCoomerce expert.

So, what’s missing from that equation?

A lot.

Specifically, it’s creating a strategy upfront that truly understands you as a business, looking holistically at how you work.

Shopify and WooCommerce are fantastic bits of tech, but they’re just enablers within your business – to get clients and fulfil client orders.


As a Shopify agency and WooCommerce expert, what do we think needs to be done differently?

There are a lot of things that need to be done differently.

But let’s start by understanding you and your business.

Once we understand you, we can put a strategy together to win with WooCommerce or the Shopify platform.


Here are some questions that we will be asking to help us understand your business batter:


1. How will you acquire customers? Through what channels? How do you bring them back again until they buy your stuff?


2. How do you optimise the design to maximise conversion rate?

I know that sounds like buzzword bingo but let’s put it this way – if you have 100 visitors to your Shopify store, and only 1 converts – then you’re potentially in trouble. So, how do we make sure it’s 2,3,4, or 5 of them that convert into paying clients?


3. Crucially, how do we transform those punters into Ambassadors for your brand?

To me, that’s key.

A client buys once – that’s good. A client comes back regularly and tells their friends – that’s GREAT!

Apologies for the Capitals – but we’re keen to stress that point.


So, what do Shopify Experts and Woo legends like us do then? (I hear you ask)

Well, we listen. Then we challenge the assumptions you have (nicely). Then, we map out a full user journey and think about optimisations for each point.

We might get it wrong, and discover that things don’t convert as well as we’d all like. That’s why we keep working with you to bring an experiment-led mentality into your organisation, so we can create a well-oiled digital machine.


So, what next?

Good question! We’re glad you asked.

Please get in touch to have a chat. We love talking through your situation and understanding your pain points and opportunities.

We are not a traditional Shopify agency and WooCommerce experts, full of theorists like people who don’t even have their eComm stores. We’re a bunch of enthusiastic entrepreneurs who run Shopify and WooCommerce stores and love helping others grow theirs.

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