App Idea Accelerator

Turning lightbulb moments into first-class apps

Right now there are around 582 million entrepreneurs worldwide, all trying to lay foundations that’ll make them into future corporate kingpins. That number is constantly growing as innovation blasts apart the barriers that stand in the way of creating new tech-based businesses. The ideas are unique, but there’s one thing every entrepreneur has in common: the drive to ride a brain wave from the first trickles of an idea through to the perfect storm of excitement, innovation and energy that’s needed for tech success.

We like to keep our client list small so we can provide every customer with the support they need. We’ve been helping entrepreneurs grow for several years now, which means we know what works and what doesn’t. We have the expertise that will help you achieve long term success, and we’ll work alongside you to make that happen. Our App Idea Accelerator is a distillation of that expertise. It’s a framework that’ll help us guide you from idea ignition to prototype launch, using a three-step process to keep you on track.

How it works

Step 1

Strategic review workshop

Get ready for an intense session with our team to (compassionately) tear apart your app idea and find out what it needs to succeed.

Step 2

User experience

Good UX is what separates a flop from a viral sensation. We’ll map out the ideal customer journey to understand what we need to do to make your app addictive, viral and viable.

Step 3

App design prototype

Getting investors on board is simple if you have an interactive prototype to do the legwork for you. A usable mock-up is also the perfect way to gather vital feedback from potential users.

I have an idea for an app - what next?

So, you’ve got an idea you want to pursue. Now you need to figure out if it’s worth your time. We had hundreds of enquiries in the last year alone, most of which didn’t get past an initial discussion. That’s why step one is using our Idea Validation tool to score your concept and see whether it has the potential to become a hit.

If an idea has already been done, or just won’t work, we’ll tell you honestly. If an idea has promise, and you’re ready to put some money behind it (average cost at this stage ranges from £3,000 – £4,000 or c.$5,000 for US clients) use the button to book a call in with one of the team. We’ll put your idea through its paces in the App Idea Accelerator, which will tell us if the app will work as a business. Once its viability has been proven, we’ll work with you to build and launch it.

Feature case study


Our App Idea Accelerator was put into action for SmartPlant when the founder reached out to Appy with nothing more than a great idea and a keen investor. We guided them through every stage of market testing, design iteration and agile development to make business success an inevitability.

Since moving through the App Idea Accelerator, SmartPlant has transformed from just an innovative idea through multiple investment rounds, a merger with a Californian business and is now at Series A stage. Their app has had upwards of half a million global downloads, has won two industry awards, and has transitioned successfully into a scalable B2B2C model.