Technical business and growth guidance

Fast-paced app creation with long-game collaboration

We’ve worked with clients of every shape and size over the last ten years, building tech solutions for SMEs and FTSE 100 companies alike. But our real passion is collaborating with entrepreneurs. When we get on board with an app idea, we’re in it for the long haul. We’re against the agency cliche of always hustling for the next client. Working with startups means we have the opportunity to build long term partnerships and together we can use technology to create something truly meaningful, which is what Appy is all about.

Tech Partnership for Startups

With our clients, we’re always looking for a relationship that will last. For our startup clients, we’re looking for a passionate founder with a fresh angle. A founder who isn’t afraid to get stuck in hustling for funding. A founder who loves to learn and experiment. A founder looking for a steady Tech Partner, not an agency fling.

When we come on board as the Tech Partner for a startup, we begin with our App Idea Accelerator process. Once we’re on the path to a viable tech solution, we turn our attention to Technical business and growth guidance – helping new businesses grow toward Series A funding and, eventually, financial freedom. We haven’t got a rigid guideline for our work. We follow the same pattern with every startup client, but keep everything totally flexible and built around you.

Tech Partnership for Business

When we begin a new partnership with an established company, our focus is on gaining as deep an understanding as we can of your business. We’ll work closely with your product teams and business analysts to find the right track for your app. Then, we’ll build you a wireframe and app prototype that’ll bring all your stakeholders on board.

Once your design prototype has been signed off, you’ll either receive a fixed-price estimate for completion or we’ll put together a team to work in an agile app development capacity. Our job doesn’t end when your app is up and running though. As Tech Partners we’ll provide ongoing support and tech maintenance if needed, as well as regular data-led discussions and adaptations of the software as required.

I want to start my Appy tech partnership

Our approach to Tech Partnerships closely follows our Company Ethos. We put collaboration at the heart of everything we do, and we’ve even ended contracts in the past with clients that didn’t believe in working as a partnership.

Check out our Case Studies for an idea of the kind of work we do, and to see our client testimonials. Get in touch using the button to book a call with one of the team to discuss your project.

Feature case study


App solution designed to combat the growing mental health issues within the construction industry

When we met Ownminder, their app had been launched and beginning to take off, but there were growing concerns about the user experience. The major decisions were being taken from a business perspective and they needed to focus on the user.

Our team conducted a full UX review, which included user testing with actual users from their target audience. We identified crucial areas for improvement which were then implemented.


  • A better understanding of the target audience
  • An app with a better user experience
  • The business goals and user experience working in tandem
  • A positive impact on people’s wellbeing within the construction industry.