4 Essentials to create MVP Branding for Mobile App Developers

The Essentials of Branding for Mobile App Developers

Mobile app development is an important aspect for increasing amounts of businesses, but it’s important to avoid getting bogged down in the details of branding. While having a recognizable brand is important, it’s essential to focus on messaging and positioning, rather than the visual elements of branding.

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The Minimal Viable Product (MVP) Branding Strategy

To launch something quickly and create an MVP, I often minimize this step to the bare essentials (logo = name written, choose 2 colors from flatuicolors.com and choose a normal font like Calibri). You can go to Canva.com to find templates and to 95% of people, what you will produce will look great.

This is a strategy used by many pros and is taught in the great, no-nonsense book, “The 7 Day Startup”.

The Comprehensive Branding Strategy for mobile app developers

However, if you ask a “branding expert”, here’s the process they will reference for building a successful brand. So if you have time/inclination, sprinkle some of this in your thinking:


Research the customers and competitors to understand the market. Ask questions like how big is it, is it growing, what are the needs, segments, channels and competitors, etc. Look at current trends — the political, economic, social and technological factors involved and then build up a comprehensive market “SWOT” analysis.


Do qualitative and quantitative research to break down the market into segments. This could be by ‘need state’ or based on a specific group of people or geography, etc. E.g. Coca Cola competes directly with Pepsi for cola but more broadly with water, fruit juice, ice cream for ‘refreshment’, etc. These represent different need states.


Target a segment and aim to own it! Think about how you will dominate it, can you scale it, etc. Then move on to the other segments you identified. Each segment should have a customer Avatar or Persona which has a breakdown of the demographics, psychographics (attitudes & emotions) and category entry points / pain points / motivations to help you understand the emotional need that your product will solve.


Now, create your brand positioning or solution to the problem. What are your distinct elements (price, sound, logo/colours, style, phrase, catchline, etc.) which helps to ‘brand you’ as a solution to your target demographic’s problem in relation to your competitors. Reasons to believe, claims and proof points also help to build trust in your offer (e.g. made in Scotland is often seen as vital for whiskey – though Japanese Whiskey has made a real name for itself now… almost a brand on it’s own).

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The Importance of Messaging and Positioning for Mobile App Developers

When developing your brand, it’s essential to focus on the positioning and messaging, rather than the visual elements of branding. Copying successful brands and adapting them for your own purposes can be a useful strategy, rather than spending time and money researching ideal colors, fonts, and styles.

As a mobile app developer working with founders, startups, and SMEs in the UK, it’s crucial to understand the importance of branding and how it can impact the success of your app. By following these branding strategies, you can create a strong brand that resonates with your target audience and helps you stand out in a competitive market.

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